Getting better at a skill means putting in the reps. I'm challenging myself to a 100 challenge for writing.


I'm launching a 100 challenge for myself.

For me, the 100 challenge is creating 100 pieces of writing, and publishing them on the website.

This is inspired by Noah Kagan's The Law of 100 and Matt Ragland's Momentum Needs 100 Reps and Jeff Goin's advice for new writers to write 500 words for 100 days.

If you find this interesting, can follow my progress on Twitter. Let's learn and grow together.

Everyone wants to make progress. And there is only one way to do it: put in your reps. - James Clear

What is my aim?

The goal is simple; to produce 100 pieces of published writing. I will aim for 100 days but it could take longer, we'll see.

Goal = 100 pieces of content by 5 August, 2021.

Progress report

  • I've written 17 articles since starting. 83 articles to go. 42 days to go
  • I have been lagging behind so far. At this rate, I'll need to publish twice a day to reach my goal.
  • I'm fixating more on the 100 articles than the due date, if I'm honest. So it doesn't matter.